How does it work?

The monitoring system is special software, designed for monitoring a group of parameters, the most important variables and the operating state of the observed system. This system makes it easy to monitor the status of installation. It is impossible to change or adjust the parameter through the software. The monitoring system provides maximum benefits when it is integrated with an alarm system. In this case, the monitored parameters are compared with the standard or ideal ones, within which the parameter should remain active. If the monitored item ceases to correspond to the specified conditions, the program alerts the staff about the need to take appropriate actions.

Why is it better to choose remote access?

Remote access to the monitoring system opens up really great opportunities:
1) it reduces operational expenses and saves time;

2) from the remote control center the staff can change the settings, such as operating time, and limits at which the alarm is activated;

3) centralized control of the systems, which may be at a distance, simplifies searching and troubleshooting, as all operations are performed in real time.

4) this is a very perspective technology for combining a network of geographically distributed small and medium-sized systems.


  • You are the first to be informed about every single problem;
  • Notification is sent in 30 seconds;
  • You choose what means of communication is more preferable for you;
  • We contact every needed person to prevent the consequences as quick as
  • You take an opportunity to check NotifyNinja monitoring system for free;
  • You have rest while the monitoring system NotifyNinja is working.

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