5+1 reason to care about website monitoring

We live in a world of consumption that’s why we always value the quality of products we consume. The situation is the same when we are dealing with a website. The owners of websites have an obligation to deliver the product of predetermined requirements. When customers are faced with errors and not functioning at all, your business will suffer.

According to statistics, 46% of buyers said they neglected a purchase because of the troubles with a website. So now we offer you to minimize the influence problems with a website on your clients and business. With the help of our advice, you will have no need to constantly refreshing the website to make certain that everything is ok and working.

Website monitoring is constantly checking your website to assure that everything is ok and operating as you want. This is automated processes, which helps you monitor your site every 1 minute and collect the results of the work of your website.

When problems arise, NotifyNinja lets you know about the problem for 30 seconds in order to enable you to fix the problem faster. You must always check out your website because even modern websites and applications can’t guarantee that you will never have problems with it. Even Facebook, Twitter, or Google can’t get with any website problems or outages.

What makes monitoring essential?

There are a lot of factors, but the most essential is the quality of unpredictability.

Now we offer 6 arguments why you need monitoring service.

Satisfied clients

When your website is not operating good or even unavailable, your clients will become disappointed and choose your competitors. Such situations can lead to negative consequences for your business: both loss of credibility and neglected sales.

Statistically, among 26 unhappy clients, there is only one complaint. And 96% of unhappy clients don’t complain, but 91% of them will never come back.

If you want to keep your business operating successfully, you need to be sure that your clients are satisfied.

If you are aware of the problem, you can immediately correct it.

When you work with the monitoring service, you get an alert about the problem as soon as it is detected. Once you receive an alert, your development team begins to correct the problem and you reduce time-to-resolution. You also have the ability to inform your clients about some problems, when it is impossible to fix the problem immediately.

Protection is one of the most important issues for doing business.

There is no matter who you are – whether you are an online service or a healthcare establishment, your brand and reputation are always determinative to the success of your business. Website errors and not functioning endanger your credibility and do harm to your brand reputation.

Besides, Website errors and downtimes can yield losses. According to statistics, 56% of users wait for a page to load in 2 seconds and 42% will leave in 3.

That’s why monitoring service is a significant part of many online businesses.

Make certain that your website is appropriate for SEO.

When problems with site occur you have to worry about not only the trust of your clients but also the trust of search engines. Your search rankings will suffer when Google wants to index your site but your website is always down.

You should take into consideration a minimum two factors that often influence your search rankings. They are website downtime and page speed.

Сheck out your progress.

Can you imagine your site is getting better over time? Stop dreaming and procrastinate. There’s no other way to make certain of whether your website is stable and operating well without regular monitoring.

Monitoring tools control your website availability from multiple locations and measure your response time at regular intervals. You can also control processes to check important customer interactions.

You can often make it clear why your site was in trouble. The hardest part of errors in the determination of what caused the problem in the first place. A good monitoring solution can disclose where to start and how to increase your capacity to solve the problem faster.

It is not expensive and difficult.

Our website monitoring tools are easy to use and cheap. You won’t need to install any software on the server or waste time on writing or maintaining extra scripts. You may solve your website problems by starting working with us right now.


Doing good business is always investments in your business, that’s why a lot of businesses have already chosen us and operating well.

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